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Residents fed up with rising dust levels caused by logging trucks

Today there was a blockade on Picadilly Road, Tautoro which joins on to Mangakaahia and Mataraua Roads on the outskirts of Kaikohe, to logging trucks.

Residents who turned out in protest, say that the Northland Regional and Far North District Councils approved to tarseal the road in 2008, but it was not completed, and dust levels have since risen dramatically causing more major health and safety concerns.

Residents of Picadilly Road, are fed up with dust coming from logging trucks

Residents say that since the Christmas period, the number of logging trucks using the road have picked up, and in a day between 80-140 trucks can be seen on Picadilly.

The Far North District Council has tar sealed parts of the road, but the plug was pulled before it was finished and there has been no consultation with residents about the issue.

Willie Maihi says the harmful effects of dust seen in 2008, was 30 times over the safety limit of human consumption and does don't know how worse off they are today.