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Three people hospitalised due to huffing explosion in Papakura

It's the number one killer when it comes to drug consumption, and one toxicologist told Te Kāea 'Huffing' or inhaling propane and butane gas seems to be making a comeback, with a huffing explosion in Papakura that saw three young people hospitalised for serious burns.

Inside a yellow sleep-out last night is where three youths aged 16 to 20 years sustained serious burns,

following an event where 'Huffing' took place.

Along with the Hikitāpua residence, other neighbours pointed out that the family who lived here had only recently moved in and that they kept to themselves.

Te Kāea tried to reach the occupants of this house and also knocked on the door, but no one was home or available.

Instead Te Kāea spoke to Sergeant Darryl Horn who attended the incident last night.

Of the 63 deaths related to huffing since 2000, almost half were Māori and more than 87 per cent were aged under 24 years.

An expert on poisons says 'Huffing' is the number one killer when it comes to drug abuse. Police say the victims of last night's incident were lucky that was not the case.

This is the exact street the explosion occurred and police say there will be charges laid with regards to the inhalation of butane gas. However instead, police will be speaking to the occupants and making further enquiries after they found a number of items of interest.