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Australia come out on top at Touch World Cup

Out of the seven New Zealand teams to make the finals at the Touch World Cup 2015, only one picked up gold.

New Zealand defeated Australia 6-5 to take the title in the Men's 35s.

New Zealand secured their first world title at the Touch World Cup in the Men's 35s division.

Heston Potaka says, “At that time, I was overwhelmed and reminded of my former coaches and my family back home.”

Since 1988, Australia has won this division, leaving the New Zealand team in second.

Potaka says, “My heart was filled with joy and the feeling of reaching the top was just outstanding. It was awesome.”

In the open men's final, Australia defeated New Zealand 11-2, the highest winning margin of the competition.

Mita Graham says, “Many things have been learnt in this experience. The loss hasn't hit me yet but my heart is hurting, the whole team are hurting.”

New Zealand captain Mita Graham says his team came up against the better side on the day.

“For myself as captain, I am proud of the hard work we have put in over the months of training to the time we arrived here.  Although we lost, we're like family, like older and younger brothers.  I thank them for doing their best tonight even though we were beaten.”

While in the women's open, New Zealand went into the game with confidence after beating Australia in the prelims.

It was Australia's first loss in 73 matches of the Touch World Cup.

Niall Williams says, “This is the pinnacle of touch and friendships and just that hunger for next World Cup, so to stay in the grind and to work harder and make it happen next time.”

But in the final, Australia defeated NZ 8-4. All teams return home tonight.