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New role at Auckland Hospital aims to assist mothers dealing with domestic violence

A new role established at the Auckland Hospital dedicated to helping pregnant mothers aims to decrease domestic violence in homes across the country.

Of the 7,000 births at the National Women’s Hospital per year a study by the University of Auckland suggest that around 420 of these women have been assaulted during pregnancy.

According to the University of Auckland in 2008 6% of women at the National Women’s Hospital were beaten or physically assaulted by a partner whilst they were pregnant.

A partnership was made between the Auckland District Health Board, Shine an anti-violence charity and Baxter International Foundation. Over the next two years they will fund the position.

Maggie Andrade has worked closely with Native Hawaiians over the years. She's one of Auckland Hospital's solutions to domestic violence.

A victim of violence, who wants to keep her identity hidden, experienced abuse every day for two years.

Jill Proudfoot from anti-violence charity Shine says pregnant women are highly at risk.

Maggie will be placed at the hospital for two years and hopes to help victims break free from abuse.