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Māori discuss whether tikanga crosses over to internet at annual NetHui

The annual NetHui was held today in Auckland where Māori discuss and share their ideas about whether tikanga Māori crosses over to the internet.

One Lincoln university philosopher says it does.  Over 3 billion people are connected to the internet worldwide, but where does Māori fit into that?

Indigenous Digital Philosopher, Karaitiana Taiuru says, “We're kanohi ki te kanohi, you know their mauri, you can touch something and get the mauri and the internet, it's nothing, it's te kore and it’s hard to try and quantify that.  But if you use the internet for the right purposes then it will have mauri.”

Research from Lincoln University says Māori use the internet to communicate on social media and to check the news, but some still have concerns.

Te Mihinga Komene says, “We are very active on the web, but there are many of us that are scared about new technology, 30 years have passed, let’s move forward eh?”

Te Tumatakuru O'Connell says, “The new technology is brilliant, to some it's intimidating.  But I believe we should embrace it.”

This year’s NetHui is about new beginnings and how the changing face of Māori is using the internet.

NetHui will continue for another two days and is being streamed live at