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Te Puea Marae celebrates official 50th anniversary

Whānau and the wider community of Te Puea Marae in Auckland recently celebrated the official 50th anniversary of the marae.

Iwi dignitaries and special guests enjoyed the day together celebrating in the small Māngere Bridge community, as well as witnessing the launch of a special book authored by Blaine Hoete and Tina Kaiawe, which collates 50 years of Te Puea Memorial Marae history.

Photo: Tina Kaiawe, Te Puea Marae book launch - Charlotte Graham

It's the first time an anniversary book has been completed, which was done by the pair interviewing all of the whānau affiliated to the marae.

Co-author Tina Kaiawe says, "From this experience, we've realised this is only Volume One!"

A feast fit for kings and queens followed the formalities, then a night at the "Ball" for marae kaumātua and guests topped off their day of celebrations.

An event was also held back in February to mark 50 years since the marae first opened in memory of Waikato Princess, Te Puea Herangi.

During the February event, kuia Te Kaanga Skipper reminisced with Te Kāea, saying, “We remember those who have passed, like Te Puea, who I had the pleasure of holding hands with when I was a child growing up in this community.”

She also said, “It's a chance for us to look ahead, and hopefully we are heading in the right direction in regards to looking after our marae, and upholding the teachings left behind by our elders.”

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No doubt, the marae community is looking forward to celebrating the next 50 years together.