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Rotorua whānau lose everything in house fire

Annmarie Walters is at a loss after a fire destroyed her home.  "Just knowing that everything has gone, everything that we had my actually first house that I had."

Miss Walters along with her partner and two-year-old son had only been living in the house for nine months. Those that live close to the family home say the fire just destroyed it in a matter of minutes.

Kelly Cooper says "At first all I heard was my son yell out fire because I was down the end of the house and we came running down and we had seen smoke coming from the shed and then next minute it was just flames."

Another neighbour, Shannon Bellman told Te Kāea, that it "took 30 seconds for the whole house to go up in flames and the tree by the house was just up in flames in 30-40 second it just went up really quick."

Today Annmarie has been inundated with support and household items.

Miss Bellman has brought them a phone, "I got them a phone so they can have contact with people and [I'm] going to take some more stuff to them today. I'm definitely feeling for them, they have lost every I am heartbroken for them".

"I just want to say thank you and thanks for all of the support and the donations and it's very helpful."

Investigations are currently underway to find the cause of the fire.