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Hamilton dresses up for the 7s

It's not just the players that will be making headlines at this weekend World Sevens Series tournament. Most of the crowd turned out in costumes, which is a tradition that dates back more than a decade.

They say that if you don't turn out in a costume, then you may as well head home.

Rugby reporter and comical writer Jamie Wall (Ngāti Tūwharetoa) says, “It’s just a whole change of atmosphere, it looks like everyone’s responded, and it looks like they’re ready to have a good time.”

Wall, who has now hung up his costume, put away the beers in favour of a laptop and bottle of water has been to every Sevens event since it started back in Wellington in 2000.

He recalls, “One that springs to mind [are] blokes that dressed as Borat one year, that was pretty cool I thought.”

“I think for a lot of girls it’s a chance to wear something they wouldn’t normally get to do [or wear], which is really cool.”

It may be a different venue, but it still holds the same traditions of Wellington. Amongst the many are Smurfs, Break-dancers, and William Wairua.

During the interview, Wall was greeted by patrons, with one man rocking a Hawaiian shirt, “Well, I’m looking at a bloke who is dressed as Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I, which is always a good option.”

Walls advice to those wishing to attend in a costume.

“Dress for the weather. It looks like it’s going to be warm, so try and wear a singlet or something like that.”

“Make people laugh, but also make people feel comfortable.”

“Respect other people’s costumes, you see something that excites you a little bit, just remember, stay respectful, and number four just have a good time.”