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Movember pledges millions to Māori men’s health

The Movember Institute of Men’s Health is investing in Māori communities and organisations across Aotearoa New Zealand

Running counter to the narrative that Māori health needs are adequately addressed within New Zealand’s general healthcare framework, the Movember Institute of Men’s Health is stepping up by allocating $6.43 million over seven years to enhance health outcomes specifically for Māori men.

This funding forms part of a significant global commitment — $63.20 million — to improve health outcomes for Indigenous communities across Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

Movember Institute spokesman Simon Bennett says the purpose of the fund is to drive community programmes that represent a Māori way of addressing Māori men’s health outcomes at the grassroots level.

“The real focus of this injection of funding is empowering local communities, indigenous communities, to develop and deliver these programmes consistent with those concepts around tino rangatiratanga and self-determination.”

2024 saw the disestablishment of the Māori health authority, Te Aka Whai Ora, following National’s sweep into power. Some health experts believe initiatives focused on spiritual well-being may be under threat.

Bennett says a holistic, Māori-based approach to healthcare is the key driver for the fund.

“We have solutions to our challenges. It values mātauranga Māori; it values the knowledge that we can bring to bear to address our own health problems.”

The money will be delivered through Movember’s Indigenous Men’s Health Community Empowerment Initiative and Indigenous Men’s Wellbeing Innovation Initiative.