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A unique taste of Tuhoe

There’s a leader in the front and the workers from behind the scenes. It’s something that Tuhoe iwi live up to after many businesses took part in the Tuhoe Festival and feeding the multitudes.

Business owner for Pipi Mā Hohepa Tuahine says, “This is the first time our Pipi Mā Business has appeared at the Tuhoe Festival. We'd like to thank our iwi only because we see the value of holding a stall here and why not when everyone speaks Māori.”

A stall called Kai Māori which made almost $2000 in a couple of hours has brought a true taste of Tuhoe.

Puhiaurangi Black says, “We have wild pork, venison, eel and muscle fritters sold in our Kai Māori stall. All our produce comes from the bush, there's no denying it."

Right next door to their stall is TV personality and master baker Tupoutahi Winitana.

Tupoutahi Winitana says, “Before I worked in television I was brought up cooking, so it's a passion of mine. I have a big family. Although I have many commitments especially public duties I also know how work behind the scenes as well.”

With businesses taking part in the event the festival committee will also receive a percentage of the takings.

Labour Party MP for Te Waiariki Electorate Tamati Coffey says, “The businesses are doing brilliantly, the ones that are here at the Ahurei. You got businesses, you got government departments. People that are seizing the opportunity to have these many Māori people here in the same space, and that's really positive.”

More than 20 businesses running at the Festival will cater to the thousands that continue to arrive to the Rotorua International Stadium.