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New Matatini taonga recognises Ngāpō, Pīmia Wehi

The Duncan McIntyre trophy is awarded to the overall winner of Te Matatini, but this year the coveted taonga will be accompanied by a new trophy carved in memory of the late Ngāpō and Pīmia Wehi.

The original Duncan McIntyre trophy sits upon the newly carved taonga - He Tohu Huia Kaimanawa nā Te Matatini mō Ngāpō raua ko Pīmia Wehi.

"An idea emerged from the performers of this day and age, who wanted a new trophy they could relate to," says Derek Lardelli, leader of Whāngarā Mai Tawhiti.

And as defending champions do, they have their name etched into the formidable Duncan McIntyre trophy.

"They said Duncan McIntyre had grown old and they didn't know who he was, so Te Matatini took on their desires and have now created a trophy."

The overall winner of this year's competition will be taking on a new legacy.

"The Duncan McIntyre trophy will now sit inside a treasure box symbolising Ngapo and Pimia Wehi and will now and forever be the trophy for the overall winning Champions of Te Matatini," says Lardelli

There are nearly 20 trophies up for grabs at Te Matatini.