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Māori mayoral hopeful says NZ history lessons could stamp out racism

Palmerston North mayoral candidate Teanau Tuiono (Ngāpuhi, Ngāi Takoto) welcomes the Government's announcement to teach NZ history in schools, stating that it'll go a long way to stamp out racism in the city.

Tuiono is one of six candidates hoping to make his own kind of history and it is his love for politics that has led him to where he is now.

"It is the connection to the environment and to the community why I put my hand up for this election," says Tuiono.

He says there is still racism lurking below the surface of the city, and the Government's decision to teach NZ history in schools will ensure that racism diminishes.

"The history of this land needs to be learnt. They didn't teach us about the land wars, the land confiscations and because of that my generation and the generation above me have become unaware. And from ignorance comes racism."

He is a big advocate for tackling Climate Change and believes that marae need to implement a strategy to deal with this issue.

"The rains and the winds are getting stronger around here. Therefore there needs to be a strategy in place for marae and the wider areas of the region."

He also wants to see more Māori representation on the local council.

"The council have sub-committees therefore if the people from this town vote me to be the mayor I will put Māori on those committees."

He has a vision and it is one he wants to share with the rest of the region.

"We need to map out and put in order the major policies that will benefit all of us. And despite the magnitude of the challenge you just have to persevere."

The Palmerston North elections will be held on October 12.