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NZ Fire Service on the offensive against SkyCity flames

The fire at SkyCity Convention Centre is continuing to wreak havoc across the city and wild weather has made containing the flames even more difficult. Firefighters are into their 26th hour fighting the blaze and hope to move the venue of this battle, inside from the fifth floor of the building.

"The plan is to sacrifice the roof, and in doing so, allow the debris from the roof to drop down onto the fifth floor, where the plan of attack is to go from, what we’re in now, a defensive plan, into an offensive plan which is when we commit people inside to extinguish the fire,” says Ron Devlin, Regional Manager of Fire and Emergency, at a press conference held this afternoon.

Over 12 million litres of water has been dispersed on the fire already. Up to 100 fire fighters have been engaged in containing the spread of the flames, their efforts of which have not gone unnoticed.

“The women and men of fire and emergency have been working here since about 1 o'clock, so that's a long time, we are rotating crews through, absolutely…. And they're exhausted, they've been here all night," says Devlin.

Fire fighters aim to extiguish the flames on the roof of the building, in order vacate the 5th floor. Source: File

TVNZ's building evacuated this morning due to smoke entering the building. The State broadcaster confirmed that while some of their shows like Te Karere were cancelled for today, while 1 News and Seven Sharp will continue to go to air.

In an email to Te Ao, TVNZ Communications manager, Rachel Howard said:

"Te Karere’s earlier broadcast time as well as the fact it is a largely Auckland based production has meant we were unable to get this afternoon’s show to air.

"The decision to not move forward with a programme is difficult - particular in the case of Te Karere which we know is an import source of news for many. But the health and safety of our teams in Auckland is our priority."