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Waikato-Tainui offers support to resolve Auckland's water crisis

Waikato-Tainui delegates have met Auckland councillors this morning and offered their support of Auckland Council's efforts to resolve the city's water crisis.

The delegation of iwi leaders has told councillors the iwi is prepared to consider short-term measures for water supply while the parties work together on long-term solutions.

Te Arataura Chari Rukumoana Schaafhausen says, "Auckland is the commercial capital of Aotearoa and it needs our help right now.

“As kaitiaki (guardian) of the Waikato River, it’s our duty to protect our awa, while also caring for the needs of people in Tamaki Makaurau."

The goal of balancing economic growth and environmental protection is shared by both Waikato-Tainui and Auckland Council, she says.

Schaafhausen says, "Auckland needs security of water supply, which means having more storage capacity, modern distribution networks and efficient use of the precious resource.

“This will take time and money to build, together with strong leadership and informed consumers.  It will also take a holistic approach to how we use and nurture our natural resources.”

She said the tribe would work closely with civic leaders and Watercare to support short-term and long-term solutions.

“By working in partnership with civic leaders and their officers, we hope to bring intergenerational thinking and unique cultural perspectives that provide long-term, sustainable solutions for both Tamaki Makaurau and Waikato.”

More to come.