National | Alert Level 4

Level 4 fishing rules changed, clearing up confusion

The rule changes, made Saturday on the Ministry of Health's Covid-19 website, come as confusion reigned around fishing rules during level 4.

The reference to 'customary rights', one of the few exemptions allowed under level 4 have been removed, allowing all New Zealanders to now fish safely.

ACT leader David Seymour says it's a win for common sense, “Last week, the rules said ‘at Alert Level 4, recreational fishing and white baiting is not allowed, except for Māori customary fishing and whitebaiting.’ They now say ‘You can fish from a wharf or the shore,’ and ‘At Alert Level 4, you can fish for whitebait. Viruses do not discriminate by race, and neither should the law."

The rules prohibiting fishing from rocks or boats remain unchanged.

“Due to ACT advocating for fairness, the rules have now been changed. Had ACT not raised the issue, fishing would still be banned," said Seymour.

Seymour says the party is now going in to bat for smaller retail businesses affected by level 4 restrictions.

“The next discrimination the Government should remove is against butchers.

"The Government has never explained why people should drive past their beloved butcher, who’s going broke, just to queue up at their supermarket with a much larger crowd.

“If they can back down on safe fishing, surely they can back down on banning butchers?" says Seymour