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'Keep calm, be patient on the road'

With five people dead on our roads since the official Christmas/New Year’s holiday period began on Friday, Police are urging motorists to drive with a focus on safety.

“While it is too early to determine exactly why these crashes happened, previous experience suggests speed, poor decision making, distractions and no restraints are likely to feature,” Assistant Commissioner Bruce O’Brien said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

“This has been an incredibly tragic start to the holiday period on our roads and a number of families will never be the same.”

Police said they expect the roads to continue to be busy with people leaving their Christmas day bases and heading off to holiday destinations.

“Please keep calm and be patient on the road, and accept there will be some delays on your journey,” Assistant Commissioner O’Brien said.

“Plan ahead, watch your speed and following distances, pay attention to the conditions, stop and take a break if you’re feeling tired, and allow plenty of time to get where you are going- especially if you are travelling on roads you don’t know.”

The official Christmas/New Year’s holiday period ends at 6am on 5 January.