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PM condemns Putin's Ukraine invasion

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine, saying she joined  "our international partners" in this view.

She said the government had banned all exports of all goods intended for use by the Russian military and security forces and banned visas for Russian government officials as well as suspending any Foreign Affairs bilateral discussions.

"The world is speaking and sending a very clear message to Russia that what they have done is wrong and they will face the condemnation of the world."

Many casualties have been reported since Russia declared war and began bombing major cities yesterday.

The prime minister is calling on Russia "to do what is right, and cease all military operations immediately and permanently withdraw to avoid a catastrophic and pointless loss of innocent life.

"The invasion imposes significant threat to peace and security in the region, and will trigger a humanitarian and refugee crisis, with reports already of large numbers of people in Kyiv making their way towards the western border.

"In the lead up to the invasion, Russia has demonstrated disregard for diplomacy and efforts to avoid conflict, and must now face the consequences of their decision to invade."

Ardern outlined measures against Russia, starting with the targeted travel ban for Russian government officials and other individuals associated with the Ukraine invasion.

"These measures will ban targeted individuals from obtaining visas to enter or transit New Zealand. We will update and revise a list of those subject to restrictions based on future developments."

The export of goods to Russian military and security forces was now prohibited, she said. "This covers the exports of all goods intended for use by the Russian military and security forces, including any armed force, paramilitary force, police force or militia. This includes weapons with dual-use technology that have a civilian use but are intended for military use or may have military applications.

"While exports from New Zealand under this category are limited, a blanket ban is a significant step as it removes the ability for exporters to apply for a permit, and sends a clear signal of support to Ukraine."

Bilateral Foreign Ministry consultations, until further notice, are suspended. "We continue to engage with international partners over additional measures but it is clear there will ll be a significant cost imposed on Russia for its actions."

The government will be provided advice from officials on a humanitarian response on how New Zealand could help.

"Finally, our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine impacted by this conflict. Decades of peace and security in the region have been undermined. The institutions built to avoid conflict have been threatened and we stand resolute in our support for those who now bear the brunt of Russia's decisions."