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Chris Hipkins 'energised' to be next New Zealand Prime Minister

NZ's next Prime Minister, Chris Hipkins, spoke to media on Saturday afternoon.  

Chris Hipkins is set to become New Zealand's next Prime Minister.

Addressing media this afternoon, Hipkins said “It’s a big day for a boy from the Hutt!”

“I am feeling energised and enthusiastic and really looking forward to getting into the work.”

Hipkins confirmed an announcement made earlier today by Labour Whip Duncan Webb that he is in line for the top job.

“I can also confirm that I was the only nominee for that role."

He said he did not wish to discuss issues of policy at this time, instead highlighting what he said Labour stood for.

"I am here to make sure New Zealanders who go out there and work hard to make a better life for themselves and for their families can succeed in doing so, that their hard work can make sure they have the opportunities to get ahead. That's what Labour has always stood for. It's absolutely why I'm in politics."

The Labour Party caucus will meet at 1pm on Sunday to endorse the nomination and confirm Hipkins as Party Leader.

Hipkins' ministerial portfolios have included Education, Health, Covid-19 Response and Police.

Jacinda Ardern announced she was resigning as prime minister earlier this week.