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Fat Freddy’s Drop frontman has released his newest solo ep

Fat Freddy’s Drop frontman, Dallas Tamaira of Ngāti Tūwharetoa has released a new EP. Levels is Tamaira’s first solo album in 20-years and the singer says it’s his most personal project yet.

The new EP incorporates a new sound and is what he calls “a homecoming moment” returning to the spotlight as a solo artist.

“Just being able to return to that has been very fulfilling and it just feels like I’m coming full circle. So I’m happy and excited,” he says.

Tamaira is better known as the frontman for Fat Freddy’s Drop. But before becoming one of the country’s most recognisable voices, he released a solo ep titled Better Than Change.

He says that he felt it wasn’t the right time for him to try a solo career then but, through a time of uncertainty for the world, he was able to again tap into his creativity and create a new solo ep describing his view of the world.

“The majority of the ep was written during Covid in lockdown, so some of the songs cover uncertainty, uncertainty for me and my family, the direction of the world.

Quite different from Fat Freddy’s Drop

“And then also reflecting on things like the environment. These issues have become quite front and centre. It’s undeniable that the world is going through some changes,” he says.

During his time with Fat Freddy’s Drop the band became one of the most influential and recognisable acts in Aotearoa and the world, headlining sell-out shows and festivals across Europe, Australia and Aotearoa.

However, the songs on Levels are different from the music of Fat Freddy’s Drop.

“It’s a little bit of a slower-pace type of music, maybe not so much for the garage, possibly in the bedroom.. In the bathroom, wherever you feel comfortable. I’m unsure how it will be accepted by everyone but I know one thing - it’s different from Fat Freddy’s, and creatively I’ve been on a different journey from Fat Freddy’s, again a very fulfilling journey for me as well to branch out creatively.”

Levels is now available on all streaming platforms.