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Temepara lends the Mystics a helping hand

It's been less than 24 hours since her return to the court, but Temepara Bailey is still reliving last night's game.

After retiring in 2012, Temepara laced up her shoes last night for the Mystics in their clash against the Tactix in Auckland.

Temepara was brought onto the court halfway through the second quarter, and she transitioned with ease. Her team was down by one goal, but that quickly changed when she came on, scoring five unanswered goals to take the lead.

From then the Mystics didn't look back, leading the game to win 65-62. This was Temepara's 71st ANZ match, the question is, could we see her gain more?

Temepara will be a part of the Mystics until the injured players return.

Their next game is against Magic this coming Sunday.