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Māori social service provider in OZ pleads for NZ Govt assistance

A Māori social service provider in Australia called Te Kete Kahurangi is alarmed at the number of clients at their door in desperate need of help.

For many Māori, Australia was the land of opportunity, but after 2001, law changes saw Kiwis lose many rights.

Awhina Rakea of Te Kete Kahurangi says the NZ Government needs to do more.

“I certainly think they should be advocating on our behalf, we are still New Zealand citizens and we are staunch and loyal to Aotearoa.”

Like many Māori living across the ditch, Awhina will be voting in this year's elections.

“I really enjoy Marama Davidison from the Greens, I don’t support National, I looked at the Mana Party and the Māori Party.”

“I had a second look at the Mana party because of it's links to dotcom and the whole internet thing but I just want someone that supports the people.”

Only time will tell what Party will offer more assistance to Kiwi’s living in Austrailia as we approach elections.