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Mita Mohi inducted into Te Arawa Hall of Fame

The late Mita Hikairo Mohi will be inducted into the Te Arawa Hall of Fame for his contribution to rugby league and other recreational activities for Māori. The family of the former rugby league star will receive the award on his behalf.

CEO for Te Papa Tākaro o Te Arawa, Paora Hurihanganui says, “As we know he's not only locally known, he's nationally and internationally known. His legacy he's left behind is going to be hard to follow for anyone that chooses to follow in line. It's a huge honour for Ngāti Rangiwewehi and a huge honour for Te Arawa to acknowledge Uncle Mita Hikairo Mohi tonight.”

Tonight the late Mita Hikairo Mohi will be inducted into Te Arawa's Hall of Fame for his service to sports. An event which has been running for the past 21 years.

His grandchild Hohua Mohi told Te Kāea he was instrumental for the New Zealand Kiwis and was also a well-respected wrestler.

Mr Mohi says, “I guess he's done so much for the sporting community. However, he's most recognised for his skills in Māori traditional weaponry.”

In the late 1970s, Mohi began teaching the art of traditional Māori weaponry across the country and in New Zealand prisons since the early 1990's. But tonight he's recognised for representing the New Zealand Kiwis Team and other recreational sporting achievements.

“I think it was his selfless approach to everything he did, he was such a kind-hearted koroua. We call him the koroua o te motu,” Mr Hurihanganui said.

He died last year on the 20th of November.

Mr Mohi says, “We only have a couple of relations involved with sports but this night is very significant for us to honour him in this way.”

Te Puia will host this year’s Te Arawa Awards with three categories to honour those individuals in their field of work.