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Private sector businesses sign MOU with Te Puea Memorial Marae

Private sector representatives have signed a memorandum of understanding today at Te Puea Memorial Marae to provide support to homeless families.

Te Puea Marae chairman Hurimoana Dennis says, “The issue for us is to build relationships with businesses in the private sector. If we work together we will be better resourced and can get people into employment and education.”

Dennis says that homelessness is an issue that can't be solved by the marae and the government alone.

“Taking care of homeless families is not a job we and the government can do alone, that is what our board and families believe, we need the support of the whole country as well as the private sector. They have the resources, the power and the money.”

Although only three businesses signed the memorandum of understanding today, negotiations are ongoing.

“Soon we hope that the Auckland Council, Sky City, PWC, DHL, The Warehouse, Vodafone, Auckland Airport and Fletchers will come and sign the memorandum as well.”

Dennis is challenging corporates to sign the memorandum as a demonstration of their commitment to solving New Zealand's homelessness epidemic.

“To us, them putting their pen to paper is a true sign of commitment, under the authority of Piki Te Ora and Te Puea, if they're serious, they'll sign our memorandum.”

Next on the agenda for Te Puea Memorial Marae Manaaki Tangata is to work with the Ministry of Social Development to develop a Māori strategy.