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Māori surfers take out titles at Scholastic Champs

Two young Māori surfers have taken out the U16 finals of the National Scholastic Surfing Championship in Gisborne.

Brie Bennett took out the U16 women's division, surfing as the only female representing the Waikato camp.

“Stoked! I didn't really catch much but at least it was enough to win so yeah super happy. Real confidence booster this one,” says Bennett.

“It can be a bit challenging at times.  Sometimes I'm a bit alone but nah, they're really good to me and they push me to try harder in my surfing so it's all good.”

Kora Cooper took out the U16 division, despite surfing above his age group at only fourteen years old.

“So happy, just stoked to do my best surfing in the final,” says Cooper.

Both Cooper and Bennett have a surging passion for the sport which drives them to carve their own paths.

“It's just fun, and you feel real relaxed and when you get a good wave you just feel so good so you just want to go back out and do it again," says Cooper.

“I hope to be a really good Māori female surfer and inspire young girls to want to be like me and surf in competitions and just love the passion for surfing," says Bennett.

Now the pair turn their attention to the The Aotearoa Maori Surfing Titles in Taranaki on the 26th October.