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Anti-Covid protestors mistakenly converge on Parliament a day after the House rises

As vaccination rates increase and daily covid case numbers decrease, anti-vaxxers again made their way to Parliament to protest though they mistakenly organised the event the day after the House rose for the year.

Approximately two thousand people converged on Parliament to protest the government's vaccine mandates and the traffic light systems for freedom. Although there weren't the predicted five thousand, security was still a priority.

Filling the streets of the Wellington CBD, the protestors were led by a convoy of motorcyclists.

And attendees from Auckland were commended for being able to participate in the protests.

There was a strong Police presence, plus barriers on Parliament's forecourt. The media were also encouraged to film from a verandah just above the forecourt.

Freedom movement leader Bishop Brian Tāmaki was a no show and, in an impassioned speech, his daughter Jamie said her parents were advised by authorities not to attend the protests today. Both have previously been charged with previous protests during the lockdown.

Last month Ngāti Toa condemned the protestors' use of the iwi's haka Ka Mate'but that was ignored today as they performed a powerful version of the haka.

On their social media platforms, protestors have promised that they will continue to protest until mandates are lifted.