Regional | 100 metres

'What the heck!': Zoe Hobbs takes to TikTok to share her sensational 10.89 sec sprint

Track star Zoe Hobbs has taken to TikTok to share her blistering sub-11-second sprint at the New Zealand champs in Wellington on Friday.

Her sensational 10.89 seconds in the women's 100m final was the first time she has gone under 11 seconds in her career.

"First outing for the season and then this happened," Hobbs titled her TikTok.

The 25-year-old's stunning time did not count as a national record, however, as she ran with a 3.4m/s tailwind - above the permissible 2m/s to count as a record.

Not that Hobbs was fazed by that. "What the heck!”

“It feels incredible, I was not expecting that," Hobbs, who has just come back from a back injury, said afterwards.

"To open my season like that was incredible.”