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Luxon calls Shane Jones’ Waitangi Tribunal comments ‘ill-considered’

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has called cabinet ministers Shane Jones and David Seymour’s comments on the Waitangi Tribunal “ill-considered”.

Luxon said all ministers needed to exercise good judgement on matters like this.

He added, however, that they would be looking at the future role of the Waitangi Tribunal, including its future role and scope.

Earlier this week, Jones called out the tribunal for overstepping its brief in asking Children’s Minister Karen Chhour to be summonsed to appear before them.

Seymour hits back

But ACT leader and senior minister David Seymour has hit back after Prime Minister Christopher Luxon called his criticism of the Waitangi Tribunal “ill considered”.

Luxon said he would ensure both Seymour, and NZ First MP and minister Shane Jones, clearly received his message of concern about their critiques.

Speaking to reporters in Manila, Luxon said he hadn’t had the chance to speak to either minister.

But he said he wasn’t happy with their critiques of the tribunal when asked if he thought they could breach the Cabinet Manual.

”I haven’t had a chance to talk to them but that message will be underscored to them,” he said.

”Those remarks, I think are ill-considered. I think ministers need to exercise good judgement.”

Stuff asked Seymour if he accepted the prime minister’s message, and if he agreed his comments had been “ill-conceived”.

But Seymour wasn’t backing down.

”I’m surprised to hear this, if you have a concern about another leader’s comments, you should raise them directly rather than through media, which is what I now intend to do,” Seymour said.

Jones was also approached for comment.

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