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‘I don’t know what to say to the families’ - sad owners after Hillpark fatal house fire

It’s been an emotional day for homeowners Pana and Missy Rangitaawa after their Hillpark home went up in flames, taking two lives and injuring another.

While doing their best to hold back tears, they told media the two people who had died were their son’s friends who also lived in the dwelling.

“I don’t know what to say to the families,” Pana said.

Their son was in the house with his buddies at the time of the incident, and he was transported to Middlemore Hospital in a serious condition with severe burns.

The parents had received a call at 7am this morning to tell them about their house. Missy went straight to the hospital before going to Freshney Place, to see what remained of her property.

“He’s awake, he’s aware of what’s going on, what’s happened with his mates but, in terms of his injuries, we don’t know the full extent,” she said.

Remembering the two lives lost, the Rangitaawas shared the same sentiment calling them “lovely boys.”

“Happy, glass half full,” Pana said.

His mother and 91-year-old grandmother usually stay at the property, but fortunately, they were at Pana’s sister’s home in Pukekohe last night.

Missy and Pana’s grandson is another resident of the dwelling but last night Pana had put him in “the other house”.

What happened?

Emergency services attended a property on Freshney Place around 6.55 am this morning, after receiving reports of a house on fire.

Police said first responders tried to revive one of them, who had suffered critical injuries, but he died on the scene.

The second person was located dead at the scene.

Police and Fire& Emergency investigators are investigating the matter.