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New production highlights Māori-Italian interactions

Te Rehia Theatre has created a production that merges traditional Māori art forms with modern theatre and traditional Italian comedy.

“Hoki Mai Tama Mā” uses the Māori mask art form known as “Matarua” for an original portrayal of Māori storytelling in NZ.

According to Tainui Tukiwaho, “Mask theatre is popular in countries like Bali and Italy, but it's not as common here in NZ.”

Tukiwaho, looked at interactions between Māori and Italians during WWII for the play's setting.

“That's the most well-known meeting time and place for Māori and Italians, so that's where my storyline is focused.”

“Hoki Mai Tama Mā” will be showing at Auckland's Aotea Centre from July 9-12.