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Ngāti Hine Iwi look to present crux of claims

Their ancestors shed blood to defend the Declaration of Chiefs and the Treaty, but were ill-treated by the Crown.

It is the crux of the claims to be presented by Ngāti Hine before the Waitangi Tribunal this week. Today, they were welcomed onto Tau Henare Marae in Te Orewai.

Hirini Henare states, “They took the lands and destroyed the homes leaving some to live in milking sheds and pig stys.  So who would feel for our ancestors to be treated disgustingly by the Crown?  And that’s our challenge is that the Crown treated their animals better than our ancestors here in Te Orewai.”

Ngāti Hine is a major part of the Māori population. Ancestors of Ngāti Hine gave their lives in the defence of the Declaration of Chiefs and Te Tiriti and today elders remain vigilant against the Crown agenda to appoint others to negotiate these issues and settle on their behalf.

Ngāti Hine descendent Mataroria Brown says, “Who said that outsiders will speak for my rights.  We have the right people here within Ngāti Hine to speak for my rights.  And I will not support that.”

Tomorrow morning Ngāti Hine will make their presentations to the Waitangi Tribunal.