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Pōhutukawa could face axe under Auckland Transport plans

Six 80-year-old pōhutukawa trees in Western Springs are under threat following a proposal by Auckland Transport to chop down the trees to make way for a road extension.

Aucklanders, who are opposed to the felling of the trees, feel they've been ignored in the decision-making process.

An Auckland Transport community update meeting took place last night in Western Springs. At least 60 locals voiced their concerns against the move.

Pōhutukawa Savers, a local group which includes mana whenua, strongly oppose the plans to destroy the native trees.

Transport expert and engineers say there is no other viable option.

Spokesperson of Pōhutukawa Savers, Christine Rose says that the group is prepared to fight and take the issue to court if need be.

The submission period has already closed.