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Olympics aim for CG bronze medalist Troy Garton

Troy Garton reflects on her first Commonwealth Games, with a bronze medal win.

The boxer arrived back from the Gold Coast last night with the Olympic Games now in her sights.

“I didn't even think it was an option you know, but I just slowly made my way towards getting on the team.  It was a journey for that- and then I just happen to walk away with a medal,” says Garton.

Garton only became an amateur boxer two years ago, but is now one of the 46 medalists who arrived home last night from the Gold Coast.

That hard work winning bronze in the women's 57-60kg class is now being celebrated by her family and friends, especially her Mum, Sue.

“It's amazing!  I am too old to get a medal for anything so to have someone like your own child to go up and get one, I'm sharing the moment, I’m like 'wow!'  Just thrilled, absolutely thrilled,” exclaims Sue.

With the Commonwealth Games done, the descendant from Ngāti Hine now has another goal in her sights.

Troy says, “I would like to try and qualify for the Olympic Games, I like to have goals to work towards, that will be a hard goal but anything is possible”.

Troy will now focus on rehab for a tear in her knee- if she has surgery she will be out for 9 months.