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Copper water pipes stolen from Rotorua kōhanga reo

Students and staff of Te Koutū Kōhanga Reo have had to take a day off due to flooding.  Over the weekend they discovered someone had stolen the copper water pipes which connect their building to the hot water cylinder. Police have been notified and are investigating.

Te Koutū Kōhanga Reo has been forced to close following the theft of their copper water pipes.

Wendy Biddle, manager of kōhanga says “I'm really sad because there's no kōhanga today.”

Biddle says they discovered the pipes were missing over the weekend.

“We can't really pinpoint when the pipes were taken and who has taken them but we believe that it has happened within the last month.”

The kōhanga reo is situated behind Koutu Marae and opened in 1982.

Kingi Biddle says the kōhanga has never experienced theft like this before.

“In our opinion, Koutū is a family-friendly community but because of what's happened, it's really shocked us to know someone has come in and pinched the pipes."

The kōhanga reo will reopen tomorrow.