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One Love cancelled due to extreme weather conditions

One Love stage. Photo source: One Love Facebook

One Love has been cancelled for the first time due to extreme weather conditions across Tauranga and the rest of the country.

Just before 9am today, organisers made an announcement on their Facebook page saying, "The rough weather last night and this morning has caused chaos, and there is no sign of it easing up over the weekend.

“From site flooding to high winds, to artists being stuck in Auckland, thunderstorms predicted and heavy rain tomorrow as well, we are unable to safely and logistically deliver One Love 2023.”

They say the state of emergency that was declared for Auckland on Friday night has been taken into account when considering ticketholders’ safety, along with the safety of artists and crew. A total of 40 per cent of our ticket holders were from Auckland.

“Our campers can stay on our camping sites until Monday and will still receive a full refund. Pre-topped-up wristband credits will be refunded within seven working days.”

Ticketholders are expected to receive a full refund within 30 working days.