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Tuku Morgan fronts on his claims

Tukoroirangi Morgan is fronting up to answer questions over his harsh criticism of King Tuheitia.

A letter outlining his views was sent to six people, including the King, but a copy was leaked to the media causing embarrassment for the Kīngitanga.

Morgan is not backing away from his claims.

“Despite my request to meet face-to-face with the King, he wouldn't agree, so I wrote my concerns in a letter that I emailed directly to him,” he says.

The King appeared to respond to recent events in his weekend address.

“I recall my tupuna Te Wherowhero faced similar threats, he simply decided the hole being dug for him will be filled by those with the shovel,” said King Tuheitia at Tūrangawaewae Marae yesterday.

Morgan hit back with his own account of Kīngitanga history.

“No doubt those words were directed at me. That's okay," he says.

“Those words were spoken by (Pōtatau) Te Wherowhero when he directed his son Tāwhiao not to take monies that belonged to the people.“

The Kīngitanga has been around for 160 years and, just like any whānau, disagreements are bound to happen.

“I have been double-crossed.  I mistakenly thought the people that I sent the email to, firstly the King, were the appropriate people to read it.”