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Mark Black wants to clear name of brother Awanui

Mark Black wants to clear the name of his deceased brother Awanui Black after allegations of involvement with child sex abuse and a paedophilia ring.

He says he is seeking legal advice but his hands are tied due to an ongoing police investigation into the allegations.

Black wants to put end to the stirring of sex abuse claims against his brother

“It will be good if we could have some sort of basis to these allegations,” he says.

“At the moment there isn't any.  All it is is allegation.”

Accusations posted by his former wife, Ani Black, on Facebook in July- but have now been removed- have left him and his whanau looking for answers.

“I would like to say to Anihera that I don't understand why you've done what you've done, but I don't hate you.

“There must be a reason, I don't know what that reason is.  You want the truth, I want the truth, my whānau want the truth, and it will come out under investigation.”

Now they are seeking legal advice but they can’t move forward because of the ongoing police investigation

“The irrefutable proof so far hasn't come forward.  Nothing has actually come forward to the best of my knowledge.”

Black spoke up in defense of his brother's innocence three weeks ago and is sympathetic towards others who have been caught up in the web of allegations.

“There he was on tv with no defense.  Allegations fired at him, allegations fired at his friends, and his friends, people were starting to look sideways at them because of association, tarred with the same brush.”

The police investigation remains ongoing.