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Simeon Brown blasts Marama Davidson's Mongrel Mob Kingdom meeting

National's Police spokesperson Simeon Brown is condemning Family and Sexual Violence Prevention Minister Marama Davidson and Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt for attending a Mongrel Mob gang pad over the weekend to talk about human rights.

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Posted by Marama Davidson MP on Saturday, May 1, 2021
Credit source: Facebook/Marama Davidson MP 

Brown says the Mongrel Mob peddles drugs, wields firearms and engages in violence, causing misery in communities across the country. He says its members have no regard for their victims, many of whom are Māori.

"This is about saying that the government has to take action to address the rapid increase in gang membership in New Zealand and address the violence they are causing," says Brown.

"The last thing that should be happening is a government minister turning up to a gang pad supporting and endorsing what these gangs and the violence that they do in our communities.

Credit: Twitter/SimeonBrownMP

Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, who also attended, says her party did not get elected to Parliament so that National could tell it what to do.