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Residents warned - Ashburton sewage ponds flooding into Lake Hood

Ashburton District residents are urged to avoid floodwaters due to sewage contamination.

The Ashburton wastewater pond treatment facility on Wilkins Road has flooded. And now, potentially contaminated water is flowing into Carters Creek by Wilkins Road and down into Lake Hood.

Lake Hood is a popular area for boating activities.

Ashburton District Council advises that the area is now a public health risk.

People in the area are advised to avoid all contact with floodwater and to assume it is contaminated.

The council says if people do come into contact with floodwaters, to change out of any wet clothes and shoes and put them aside to be washed later. Then they should wash hands as soon as possible – or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Then wash skin that has come into contact with floodwaters.

People are also advised there is a risk of injury from floating objects and hazards hidden below the surface.

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