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Māori TV, TVNZ to support distance learning - 4.30pm Newsbreak

Māori Television and TVNZ will broadcast education content from the 15 April to support the Ministry of Educations distance learning infrastructure.

The content will be available for at least a month with 6.5 hours broadcast every day.

Different age groups will be targeted every day.

Adult learning content will also be broadcast at a later stage.

The Government has earmarked $88.7m to initiate the distance learning package.

Around half of all schools are well prepared for online learning but there are still challenges on connectivity.

An estimated 80,000 households don't have access to the internet or devices.

There may not be te reo equivalent of English resources.

To resolve this, the Ministry will purchase and lease devices and ensure hard copy packs in Māori for Kura Kaupapa whānau.