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Majority give ‘thumbs down’ to Māori wards as Auckland Council submissions close

Most people who made submissions on Auckland Council’s plan to establish Māori wards for the 2025 local body elections do not want Māori seats, a council spokesperson has told Newshub.

Almost 10,000 submissions were received, however, Auckland Council’s governance services manager Rose Leonard told the news service most submitters did not want Māori seats.

“The views are really varied about why,” she said.

Leonard said the mayor and councillors would take the public’s views into account.

“But ultimately they can decide to have Māori seats, even if the majority of submissions are against it or vice versa.”

She said Māori have made their position clear.

“Bringing a dedicated te ao Māori view to the governing body in Auckland is what many Māori have been asking for and is in line with parliamentary Māori seats.”

Auckland currently has three Māori councillors elected from general wards.

“In any election, though, that could change,” Leonard told Newshub.